Building Trustworthy AI

Because your choices todays

Changes the world tomorrow

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has great potential to solve many of the world’s greatest challenges through its ability to process huge amounts of data impossible in the past.

However, as highlighted by a recent World Economic Forum study, the pace of change has far outpaced the regulatory and risk management fundamentals.  Often, businesses try to accelerate adoption outside of laboratory and research domains into use cases that impacts society without deeper reflections and appreciation of its impact.

To maintain a sustainable competitive edge, businesses must start building their AI programs with humans and digital trust at the foreground.

We help you navigate the uncertainties ahead to build this sustainable foundation that your customers can trust.

What do we do?

We help you prepare your People, Process, Technology, and Culture aspects of your AI Program

Backed by deep expertise in building Digital Trust in technology programs


Key to any sustainable program is the informed and competent leadership and guidance from the Board, Senior Management, and the Risk and Audit professionals within the business.

Our Board Awareness Toolkit and Risk & Audit trainings provide the respective stakeholders with the right level of knowledge to ask the right questions and provide the necessary guidance.


Leveraging on leading best practices from the Foundation of Best Practices for Machine Learning (FBPML), we will help you to identify areas of improvement needed in your current processes.

Where guidance is needed, we will help you in creating and communicating the revised changes to the stakeholders.


Though this area is still nascent in its development stage, there are emerging technologies that help businesses obtain a quantifiable view of their current algorithms and initiatives.

We will work with your teams to recommend the best approaches to integrate these solutions into your environment. For selected partners that we work with, we will also be able to help you in implementing the solutions after a proof-of-value evaluation.


Sustaining a risk-aware culture goes beyond a one-off initiative.

We provide ongoing services to help you manage the program to ensure that the right culture is established and continually adapting to new changes to the regulatory landscape and emerging technologies in this area.


We are here to help you with the following

  • Board awareness sessions on the steps to achieve Trustworthy AI
  • Training of risk management and audit professionals to drive the internal change
  • Review of existing ML processes to recommend enhancements from leading best practices in Machine Learning
  • Recommendations on solutions suited to your environment to extract the relevant management metrics
  • Creation and implementation of dashboards to guide the ongoing governance programs
  • Resident in-house consultants to continually guide you through the process

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